Dividend Declaration

The Board of Directors for South West Terminal Ltd (SWT) has declared a dividend of $0.35 per Class B and Class C common share. The dividend will be paid on January 15, 2018 to the shareholders of record as of December 15, 2017.

South West Terminal Ltd. is a widely held, producer owned grain terminal and crop inputs retails, with its head office located in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact:

Monty Reich
General Manager, SWT 306-741-9028 mreich@swt.ca

Rhonda Undseth
President, SWT 306-587-7376 rundseth@xplornet.com

SWT – Press Release – Announcing Dividend DEC 2017

Hazenmore Upgrade Project

South West Terminal Ltd (SWT) is excited to announce an upgrade project, which was approved by the Board of Directors.
The project is an approximate $4.3M investment in the construction of a new crop inputs facility located at the existing SWT site in the town of Hazenmore, Sk. As a result of SWT’s growth in the Hazenmore area, the existing chemical shed, fertilizer plant and office has exceeded its current capacity for efficiency and people. This upgrade project will include a 10,000 square foot chemical and office building and a 2,000MT volumetric fertilizer blending plant.
The general contractor for the project will be Silverline Construction out of Swift Current, Sk. Construction at SWT’s Hazenmore location is slated to begin spring of 2017 and the facility is expected to be fully operational by the spring of 2018. The construction plans of the project have been coordinated to ensure minimal disruptions to the existing business operations.
SWT expects to finance the project with a combination of existing bank debt and working capital.
This project aligns with our strategic plan of continuing the growth of SWT and our commitment to southwest Saskatchewan.
This press release contains forward-looking statements. While these statements reflect our current expectations, they are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to changes in the market and general economic conditions and receipt of any necessary approvals. In light of these risks and uncertainties, there is no assurance that these projects will proceed.
If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact Monty Reich, General Manager of SWT.

SWT Hazenmore 2015 Sportsman Dinner a Success!!

The total from the SWT Hazenmore Sportsman Dinner generated $20,000 from the event and SWT added another $10,000. The proceeds were then split, $15,000 to the Kincaid and District Fire Hall and $15,000 to the Kincaid and District Skating Rink.

 Kincaid and District Skating Rink

pictured: Cheyenne Arntsen, Monty Reich, Brody Loverin, Bill Wilson, Barb Switzer and Jeff Dash

Kincaid and District Fire Hall

pictured: Cheyenne Arntsen, Monty Reich, Brody Loverin, Mark Ross, Barb Switzer, Jeff Dash