Agronomy Program

Agronomy Program
Agronomy Program

SWT Agronomy Program: Tailored specifically for you and your operation.

The SWT Agronomy Program offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance farm management and maximize agricultural potential. Tailored crop planning, customized logbooks, and digital farm maps provide personalized support. The program digitizes up to 5 years of field history, ensuring informed decision-making. With priority service and reduced fees, growers benefit from in-field agronomy, drone, and soil sampling. Farm Record Management streamlines operations with accurate records, while aerial drones offer efficient crop scouting. The program, available through ongoing sign-ups, is cost-effective, adaptable, and developed for individual grower needs, aiming to increase yields, profitability, and long-term success. Contact local SWT representatives to explore these tailored services.

Service Overview

  • Customized Logbooks
  • Digital Farm Maps
  • Priority Service
  • Reduced Fees
  • In-Field Agronomy
  • Aerial Drone
  • Nutrient Management
  • Farm Record Management


Member only Benefits

Membership in the program unlocks exclusive benefits designed to elevate your farm management:

  • Farm Record Management
    • Customized logbooks and digital database entry for effective farm record management.
  • Grower Central
    • Access all your crop plans, field scouts, budgets, tissue tests, and soil tests in one central online hub.


Priority Service

Efficiency is the key to a thriving farm operation, and the SWT Agronomy Program places a premium on priority service:

  • Crop Scouting
    • Swift and accurate field scouting reports to stay ahead of potential issues.
  • Nutrient Management
    • Work alongside an SWT 4R designated agronomist to implement 4R BMPs to achieve efficient fertilizer management and ensure you get the most out of each acre and every dollar spent.
    • Soil sampling using advanced technology to determine nutrient supply for the next crop.
  • Aerial Drone
    • Drones provide cost savings and efficiency in scouting large areas, identifying issues in real-time.


The SWT Agronomy Program is your partner in cultivating success. Sign up today and reap the rewards of precision agriculture tailored to your needs.

Contact your local SWT FMR, call 1-888-672-4112, or email to learn more and sign up!

Antelope Terminal | 1-888-672-4112 | Box 719, Gull Lake, SK, CA S0N 1A0

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