Lawn Care

Lawn Care
Lawn Care

Be enriched by a prosperous yard this summer when you use the SWT Lawn Care lineup!

Your yard will be the talk of the town after using our lawn care products to improve your lawn and garden’s overall health. Your lush lawn and bountiful garden will have all the neighbours green with envy and asking, “How did you achieve such a vibrant yard?”

The professionals at SWT have curated this lawn care line up specifically for you and our region in southwest Saskatchewan. It is tailored for our soil and our climate.

The Juice Box

  • ➤ For all your glyphosate needs.
  • ➤ For use anywhere where green growth is not wanted. Great product for driveways, sidewalks, edging, etc.
  • ➤ Effective on perennial weeds like dandelions.
  • ➤ Fast working to stop everything in its tracks.

Par III Herbicide

  • ➤ Control hard-to-kill annual and perennial weeds in your turfgrass (or lawn).
  • ➤ Safe on grass.
  • ➤ Great for dandelions or thistles.
  • ➤ Small, easy to store container.

H Start Probiotic Soil Enhancer (yard and garden)

  • ➤ For your planters indoor and out, vegetable and flower gardens, and lawn.
  • ➤ Soil Enrichment through inoculation.
  • ➤ Enhance the life of your soil by increasing diversity, density, and resilience of soil microbial communities.
  • ➤ Better crop development in your garden through increased natural hormone production.
  • ➤ Improved nutrient mobilization.
  • ➤ Improved stress adaptation and salt tolerance.

29lbs Fertilizer Pail (blend analysis 30-7-14-0)

  • ➤ Protect and replenish soil health.
  • ➤ Improve overall lawn growth and stress tolerance.
  • ➤ Protect Soil Properties and evenly distribute nutrients.
  • ➤ Improve grass density with strong, full blades and deep roots.

Pounce Insecticide

  • ➤ Help control insects in your garden and yard to improve the overall health of your plants.
  • ➤ Target grasshoppers, crickets, and maple bugs.
  • ➤ Quick pest control.

To learn more about what these products can do for you talk to your local SWT FMR and always follow the label instructions.

Reap the rewards of your yard this summer! Contact your local SWT Representative or go into any of our locations to pick up your lawn care essentials today!


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