Grain Marketing

Our grain buyers are some of the best in the industry. We provide our graders with consistent training to ensure that you maximize your grain revenue and exercise the best movement of your grain.

They work very close with our Sales team to ensure we provide our end use customers the product they are wanting. We ensure that our shipments meet customers expectations each and every time. This comes from a combination of our Grain buyers, Sales staff and producers.

  • • We work diligently for our Shareholders and Producers to provide blending potential, movement opportunities all in order to maximize producer returns while ensuring our end-use customers are happy with our final product.
  • • We have the ability to clean all of our grains to export standards and the ability to address specific quality issues, such as ergot, bleach, frost, etc. We now also provide the ability to colour sort specific product that may be downgrading good quality grain (ergot, admix, etc).
Marketing Tools

Cash Price/Street Delivery

Deliver your grain to the Terminal any day and receive our street price published twice daily.

Deferred Delivery Contract

Lock in a price for future delivery. This DDC allows you to protect your delivery opportunity at harvest, road-bans, cash-flows, etc.

Delivery Basis Contract

Fix a basis for immediate delivery or forward delivery and lock in a price later.

Target Price Contract

Leave us with your target selling price and delivery period and we’ll watch the market for you. When the market values hit your target, these are converted into DDC’s.

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