SWT Phone App.

SWT Phone App.
SWT Phone App.

This year we launched our very own phone application.

Ready to start selling your grain online? The goal of our app is to give our customers simple and quick digital access to our marketplace. Our platform includes features like live bids, market activity, delivery scheduling, instant messaging, and all your contract information, in one convenient, easy-to-use app.

No more piles of paper lying around, no more sticky notes on the side of the screen, and no exporting spreadsheets. The SWT App has all the information you could ever want, instantly and clearly displayed, in one place. Giving you the key information needed to help make decisions, including what you have in storage, how much grain you have contracted by crop year, and what your average price is.

The SWT App is available on the Apple App store or Google Play store. To create an account please click the button below or contact your local SWT grain FMR for more information.

Request Access

Antelope Terminal | 1-888-672-4112 | Box 719, Gull Lake, SK, CA S0N 1A0

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