CASW | Railway Safety – Part 2

CASW | Railway Safety – Part 2
CASW | Railway Safety – Part 2

πŸš‚ We are continuing our Canadian Agriculture Safety Week with more railway safety!

Not only are our communities and highways framed by rail lines, but farmland often has rail lines crossing through as well. The main difference between these rail crossings is that farmland rail lines often have no warning or markings for safety and are isolated away from traffic and people.

To avoid dangerous situations on railways out on the farm, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • βœ” Stay alert where farm fields cross tracks.
    • ➒ Look and listen in each direction carefully for approaching trains since farm crossings often have no warning lights, bells, or signs.
  • βœ” Remember, trains can’t stop quickly.
    • ➒ The average train needs at least 2 km to stop, but because of their size, trains appear to be much farther away and travelling much slower than their actual speed.
  • βœ” Know your equipment.
    • ➒ Never try to cross with low-slung equipment – it could get lodged in the rails! – and make sure there is enough room on the other side of the tracks to fully clear without stopping.
  • βœ” Secure towing equipment.
    • ➒ Prevent towed machinery from dislodging over rough farm crossings by using the proper equipment and technique for the job and watch equipment while crossing to make sure nothing dislodges or falls onto the tracks.
  • βœ” If you get stuck, get out.
    • ➒ If your vehicle stalls or gets stuck on the tracks, get yourself and passengers out immediately. Move at least 30 metres away from the tracks to avoid being stuck by debris if your vehicle is hit by a train. Contact the railway company immediately and let them know there is a vehicle on the tracks.
  • βœ” Anytime is train time.
    • ➒ Trains do not always run on schedule. They can run at any time, on any track, and come from either direction.

Call 1-800-465-9239 if you witness any dangerous or unsafe situations near a railway.

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