Pre-Harvest Options

Pre-Harvest Options
Pre-Harvest Options

Enhancing Your Harvest: Exploring the Power of Pre-Harvest Options

As the harvest season approaches, we know the significance of effective pre-harvest management. Pre-harvest options play a vital role in maximizing yield, improving crop quality, and streamlining the harvest process. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of pre-harvest options, exploring their benefits and the importance of consulting with experts for optimal results.


The Importance of Pre-Harvest Herbicide Applications:

  • Pre-harvest herbicide application offers numerous benefits that can make a substantial difference in your harvest outcomes. By applying herbicides or crop desiccant before harvest, you can maximize yield and quality. This process is particularly effective in managing weed escapes from the growing season, optimizing perennial weed control, and speeding up the harvest. Weed control remains a primary goal of pre-harvest options, as dense weed populations steal moisture and important nutrients from the soil.

Long-Term Benefits and Harvest Aids:

  • Beyond the immediate advantages, pre-harvest treatments have long-term implications for weed management in subsequent years. By preventing weed seed production and combating water depletion, these treatments help reduce weed problems in future seasons. Pre-harvest herbicides serve as valuable tools for perennial weed control later in the season, targeting troublesome weeds such as Canada thistle, quack grass, perennial sow thistle, dandelion, toadflax, and milkweed.

Enhancing Harvest Efficiency and Uniformity:

  • One of the key objectives of pre-harvest options is to enhance harvest efficiency and promote uniformity throughout the field. Crop desiccants are often employed when crops or other green materials need to be dried down quickly for harvesting. This aids in reducing grain moisture, ultimately speeding up the harvest process. By ensuring uniformity, pre-harvest treatments contribute to smoother operations and better overall crop quality.

Consulting with Local Experts:

  • To make the most of pre-harvest options, it is essential to consult with your local SWT FMR. We possess expert, in-depth knowledge of crop types, active ingredients, timing, and application techniques. We will provide tailored recommendations based on your specific operation, crop, and field conditions, ensuring optimal results, and addressing any concerns you may have.


Pre-harvest options offer a range of benefits that significantly impact harvest outcomes. By maximizing yield, managing weed escapes, optimizing perennial weed control, and speeding up the harvest, these options help ensure a successful and efficient harvest season. Pre-harvest treatments yield both immediate and long-term benefits. To unlock the full potential of pre-harvest options, reach out to your local SWT FMR today and discover how these practices can revolutionize your harvest experience. Investing in your farm and your community.

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