In collaboration with 9 Mile Legacy Brewing, we bring you a video series expressing the strong support for local, as well as illuminating agricultural innovations, in southwest Saskatchewan.

By Harnessing the niche Durum Wheat producers of the region, we have been able to demonstrate the movement and traceability of grain from seed to product, and the importance of sustainable farming in a fun and innovative way.

This video series contains four videos, each featuring one of our producers: Chad Andrews, who farms near Hazlet, Dennis Kirk, who farms near Gull Lake, Trevor Waite, who farms near Cabri, and Lance Sommer who farms between Gull Lake and Shaunavon.

These farmers give a first-hand account of what it is like to see the step-by-step process of having their crop go from a seed in the ground to a tasty beverage packaged and ready to be sold in stores all around the province.

Click the button below to be taken to our YouTube playlist with all four videos!

YouTube Playlist

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