Gull Lake

SWT Gull Lake is pleased to offer a full-service farm supplies outlet including dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, soil testing, full range of crop protection products, custom seed treating, agronomic services as well as a farm record management system.

Dry Fertilizer

Fertilizer at our Antelope Location has moved to our Fertilizer Warehouse! For more information, click here.


SWT Gull Lake has constructed a 10,000 sq. ft. and 4,000 sq. ft CPIC approved chemical storage sheds which house a full range of crop protection products. We also offer a delivery service for these products.

Seed Plant

SWT Gull Lake is pleased to offer producers the benefits of a 650MT tonne bulk certified seed plant. Ask an FMR about our custom treating options available.

Financing Options

SWT has a quick and easy application process to apply for credit, also a variety of third-party financing options as well. Call your location Farm Marketing Representative to assist with your financing needs