CASW | Machine (moving-parts) Safety

CASW | Machine (moving-parts) Safety
CASW | Machine (moving-parts) Safety

🦺 We are kicking off Canadian Agricultural Safety Week by talking about farm machinery safety 🚜

Did you know that 70% of agricultural fatalities are machine-related due to machine rollovers, runovers, and entanglements?  Entanglements happen as it is easy for hands, hair, and clothing can be caught by unguarded moving parts (such as pulleys and belts).

Hazard points on many common pieces of farm machinery include Shear and Cutting Points, Pinch Points, Wrap Points, Free-wheeling Points, Pull-in Points, and Hydraulic Systems.

To keep yourself and others safe, remember these safety tips when working with machinery on the farm:

  • ✔ Ensure all safety equipment is fitting properly and always operating with the machine. Do not remove or modify safety features.
  • ✔ Make sure all workers are thoroughly trained in equipment operation and safety. Always supervise inexperienced workers.
  • ✔ Keep visitors and children away from operating machinery and warn them of potential hazards. Do not leave running machinery unattended.
  • ✔ Use machinery and vehicles for their intended purposes only.
  • ✔ Develop a documented health and safety plan for your farm and keep a well-stocked, up to date first aid kit in an accessible area.

Resources: [1][2][3][4]

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