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Effective as of July 21, 2016 there was a 100 to 1 stock split which increased the number of Class B shares to 1,758,300 and the number of Class C shares to 1,400,000. The book value per share using the March 31, 2016 year end results, following the stock split, would be calculated as $19.55.

(Last Traded Price: $27.00 per "Class B" share on 07/29/2020)

400 Class B shares @ $27.00 per share on 07/29/2020
2000 Class B shares @ $27.00 per share on 01/28/2020
1000 Class B shares @ $27.50 per share on 01/20/2020
1850 Class B shares @ $27.00 per share on 12/05/2019
2500 Class B shares @ $27.00 per share on 10/08/2019
5000 Class B shares @ $28.00 per share on 08/28/2019
1239 Class B shares @ $30.00 per share on 08/20/2019
333 Class B shares @ $30.00 per share on 07/16/2019
300 Class B shares @ $31.00 per share on 01/27/2019
400 Class B shares @ $30.00 per share on 01/27/2019

Effective as of July 21, 2016 there was a 100 to 1 stock split. Any share trades occurring after such date reflect the stock split.
Transaction No.19410 $27.001200 Class B08/11/2020
Transaction No.19374 $23.002500 Class B12/21/2018
Transaction No.19407 $30.001200 Class B03/06/2020
Transaction No.19406 $28.00625 Class B02/20/2020
Transaction No.19405
(Trade Pending)
$27.00750 Class B02/10/2020
Transaction No.19400 $27.50400 Class B01/16/2020
Transaction No.19399 $28.004475 Class B01/13/2020
Transaction No.19395 $28.002143 Class B11/18/2019
Transaction No.19346 $30.001809 Class B10/04/2018
Transaction No.19345 $30.002475 Class B09/27/2018
Transaction No.19344 $30.00594 Class B09/27/2018
Transaction No.19343 $30.00594 Class B09/26/2018
Transaction No.19339 $28.001500 Class B08/25/2018
Transaction No.19338 $30.001022 Class B08/22/2018
Transaction No.19335 $30.002500 Class B07/30/2018
Transaction No.19323 $32.001250 Class B04/10/2018
Transaction No.19320 $31.001250 Class B03/27/2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all SWT Share Trades shown here?

A: This site represents all SWT Share Trades clearing through SWT either by website, phone, or in person. Trades made between shareholders that are not cleared through SWT are not shown here.

Q: What does Trade Pending mean?

A: All offers marked "Trade Pending" have had offers placed against them. These offers have to yet be confirmed in the order they were placed. If an offer is declined for any reason, the next offer placed for that block of shares would be considered.

Q: How do I cancel or change my offer?

A: If you have already posted an offer to buy or sell and would like to change or cancel your offer please contact SWT at :1-888-672-4112 (8-5 mon-fri).

Q:When are the offers confirmed and posted?

A: All offers are verified between 8am and 10am each business day.