Community Support

At SWT, we believe that it is important to give back to the communities that have given so much to SWT. Whether it’s supporting our business or providing a welcoming community for our staff, the communities in which we serve are the foundation to our success. Involving SWT into community growth and wellbeing is a small part we can play to keep our communities vibrant and sustainable.


SWT has organized Sportsman Dinner events for our communities. As well as contributing to foundations, facilities, and events such as;  STARS ambulance, Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation, The Food Bank, Community Rinks, Day Cares and many other facilities and events in our communities.

Community Support Program

SWT will match up to .50 cents per tonne donated from farmers proceeds of their grain sales to that producer’s specific charity.

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Antelope Terminal | 1-888-672-4112 | Box 719, Gull Lake, SK, CA S0N 1A0

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