CASW | Railway Safety – Part 1

CASW | Railway Safety – Part 1
CASW | Railway Safety – Part 1

πŸš‚ We are taking the time during Canadian Agriculture Safety Week to talk about railway safety!

Railways safety is always important to us, as our Antelope Terminal is located on the CP mainline and the communities we work in and around are framed by rail lines. πŸ›€

More than 100 Canadians are seriously injured or killed every year as a result of railway crossing or trespassing incidents, and more than 2100 people are killed or injured annually in North America in these types of incidents. To put that into perspective, every 3 hours, a person, or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States.

Help us prevent railway crossing and trespassing accidents with the following safety tips:

  • βœ” Stay off the tracks and railway property.
    • ➒ Never walk, cycle, or dive along railway tracks. Use designated railways crossings.
    • ➒ Keep your distance from tracks as trains can overhang the tracks as much as 1 meter on each side.
    • ➒ Don’t use railway tracks or the adjoining right-of-way as an ATV path.
    • ➒ Never walk on railway bridges or through railway tunnels. Railway yards, tunnels, and bridges are all private property.
  • βœ” Stay alert and avoid distractions.
    • ➒ Trains are extremely quiet. Don’t be distracted by cell phones or other devices when in the vicinity of a railway crossing. Look and listen for a train before crossing.
  • βœ” Know and obey railway signs and signals.
    • ➒ Railway signs and warning devices are installed along roads and at railways crossings to warn divers and control traffic.
    • ➒ If a police officer or railway ag person is at the crossing, obey their directions (but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure it is safe to cross after given directions – look both ways and listen for an approaching train before proceeding)
  • βœ” Leave your vehicle if stuck on the tracks.
    • ➒ If your vehicle stalls or gets stuck on the tracks, get yourself and passengers out immediately. Move at least 30 metres away from the tracks to avoid being stuck by debris if your vehicle is hit by a train. Contact the railway company immediately and let them know there is a vehicle on the tracks.

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